Engaging All Learners

Engaging All Learners
Studio Day April 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Class of 2019 Scholarships

From Laura Stalls, HTHS Counselor

The Class of 2019 was offered $12,120,000 in academic and athletic scholarships from the following Institutions of Higher Education!

Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, Baylor University, Belmont University, Berry College, Birmingham Southern College, Clemson University, Dartmouth College, Freed-Hardeman University, Huntingdon College, Jacksonville State University, Jefferson State University, Johnson & Wales University, LaGrange College, Lee University, Long Island University, Louisiana State University, Marquette University, Martin-Methodist College, Mercer University, Millsaps College, Mississippi College, Mississippi State University, Ouachita Baptist University, Pace University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Samford University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Shelton State Community College, Snead State Community College, Spring Hill College, St. Norbert College, Tennessee Tech University, The University of Mississippi, The University of Montevallo, The University of Southern Mississippi, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Troy University, Tuskegee University, Union University, United States Air Force, University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama Huntsville, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, University of California San Francisco, University of Chicago, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of Memphis, University of Mobile, University of New Mexico, University of North Alabama, University of South Alabama, University of West Alabama, Utah State University, Virginia Military Institute, Warren Wilson College, Western Kentucky University

HTHS is Proud of You!!

*Total includes all reported scholarship offers as of 5/15/19

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

eLearning Professional Development Courses Announced

eLearning will offer 40+ professional development (PD) courses beginning June 5th and running through July 23rd, 2019. Most of these courses are 6-weeks long and will award 30 clock hours to graduates.

All of the courses are completely online with no requirements to be online on any given day or at any given time. The courses are structured in weekly sessions with assignments due each week (readings, activities, discussion sessions). As long as you complete these weekly assignments during the assigned week, you will be fine. If you already have vacation plans, you can work with your instructor to get around the dates you will be without Internet access.

Due to across the board budget cuts, eLearning will have to restrict enrollment to most courses to the first 25 participants signing up - please do not wait until the start date or you might miss out and taking a course or two.

Please look over the COURSE LISTING webpage to see the course schedule and REGISTRATION webpage for directions on how to enroll using your Chalkable (STIPD) accounts.

eLearning will also offer seven (7) courses in the EDU55xx series that can earn ACLD-approved PLUs with additional work - the process is described on their PLU COURSES webpage.

To enroll:   elearning@alsde.edu  334-670-1884


Quotable Quote

“You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.”

—Tom Hiddleston (born 1981)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Cardwell Recipient of 2019 State ACCESS Administrator of the Year

Dr. Jennifer Cardwell, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction Program Coordinator of Secondary Programs for Trussville City Schools, has been chosen as the recipient of both the University of Alabama's ACCESS Administrator of the Year, as well as the State's ACCESS Administrator of the Year. Dr. Kevin Besnoy, Director of ACCESS Virtual Learning, said, " Dr. Cardwell's history of work and commitment to excellence in merging ACCESS programming options with Trussville's existing curriculum is a model for other administrators across the state." She will be recognized at this year’s ACCESS Teacher Day, hosted on the University of Alabama’s campus on May 31, 2019.   

Steve Blair, the state program administrator for ACCESS Virtual Learning sent his congratulations, commending Dr. Cardwell on her accomplishments.  Dr. Cardwell will be honored at the State Awards Presentation Program on June 12, 2019, during the Opening Session of the Alabama Educational Technology Conference in Mobile at the Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center. 

We are very proud of Dr. Cardwell, and we are thankful to have her support and expertise in Trussville.  

Monday, May 6, 2019

Magnolia Art Show

Magnolia Elementary hosted a Spring Showcase on Thursday, May 2.  The Spring Showcase included a showing of the students' artwork.  Magnolia's art teacher is Callie Ward.

Friday, May 3, 2019

HTHS Engineering Academy Students Compete at State Technology Student Association Competition

We are proud to announce the results for the HTHS Engineering Academy students who competed at the State Technology Student Association (TSA) Competition at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center on April 23rd and 24th. The students competed in a variety of engineering and leadership activities. The Hewitt-Trussville Engineering Academy placed 2nd overall in the State Competition. We are very proud of our teachers, Jason Dooley and Tom Moulton, and our students and their accomplishments.  Congratulations to the following State winners:

Architectural Computer Aided Design
Students had 4 hours to design a tiny house.  The students had to design the tiny house to meet several design constraints.  Students had to create an original design and a complete set of drawings.  After completing their designs, students had to defend their designs to a panel of judges.
               1st Place –  Nathan Gudgen
               2nd Place–  Caraline Cox
3D Computer Aided Engineering Design
Students had to create a 3D model utilizing the latest engineering software.  Students had 4 hours to design a child friendly flashlight.  After completing their designs, students had to defend their designs to a panel of judges.             
              1st Place– Robin Dunn
              2nd Place– Lucas Campbell
Catapult Design
Students had to design a catapult from PVC pipe.  Students were scored by how many balls they could successfully shoot into a target.
              8th Place– Luke Burford, Lucas Campbell, Coy Trammell
            10th Place– Will Bradley, Jake Morris, and Reagan Shoop
Children’s Story
Students had to write an original children’s story with a technology theme.  The book had to be an original creation and include tactile and auditory enhancements for children with disabilities.   Millie and her best friend are learning about different engineering structures built by women.
              1st Place– Cameron Gallups and Abigail Williamson
CO2 Dragster Design
Students designed and built a balsa wood dragster that was powered by CO2 cartridges.  
              1st Place – Lucas Campbell
              3rd Place – Luke Burford
              4th Place – Will Bradley
Engineering Design
The Engineering Design competition theme this year was alternative energy.  Lucas, Luke, and Alex developed a gravity generator that can generate electricity from a falling weight.  This would allow for power to be generated almost anywhere.
              2nd Place– Lucas Campbell, Luke Burford, and Alex Litwin
Essays on Technology
Students were given several news articles concerning internet safety.  Students had to read the articles and write a paper defending the side of the issue that they chose.
              5th Place – Christian Bender
              7th Place – Abigail Williamson
              8th Place – Jake Morris
Extemporaneous Presentation
Students were given a choice of 3 different technology topics.  They had only 15 minutes to prepare a 3-5 minute presentation.  Students then had to present their topic to a team of judges.  Nathan’s topic was on the pros and cons of biometric identification.
               2nd  Place – Nathan Shelton
Forensic Science 
Students had to utilize forensic science tools to investigate a mock crime scene.  Students had to properly document and prepare all of the evidence.
               2nd  Place – Abigail Donovon and Reagan Shoop
Flight Endurance
Individuals designed and built a rubber band powered airplane.  The planes were scored based on their design binder and the flight time of their airplane.
                2nd Place – Christian Bender
                3rd Place – Cameron Gallups
                4th Place – Coy Trammell
Photographic Technology
Individuals prepared a photographic portfolio.  The theme of the portfolio was lighting.  Students had to take pictures in different types of light.
               1st place – Cameron Gallups
               2nd Place – Abigail Donovon
System Control Technology
Students had to design and construct a device using motors and sensors to simulate a parking lot control system.  The team only had four hours to design, build, and program a working inventory management system.  They had to be able to transfer packages from holding locations.
              2nd place – Strickland White, Lucas Cramer, Abby Buzbee
              3rd place – Mac Brooks, Austin Hill, Ayrton Purdy
Architectural Modeling
Students had to design and model of a tiny house that could be easily shipped on standard tractor trailers.  Student teams first utilized 3D architectural design software to design their tiny homes.  They then had to construct a scale model of their design to present to the judges.
              1st Place – Caraline Cox, Kai Beverly, and Katelyn Crowe
              3rd Place – Camden Desimone, Katelyn McIntyre, and Mia Williams
              4th Place – Meg Dooley, Belle Fulton, and Natalie Robinson
Video Game Design
Students had to design and code an original computer game.  The game had to be a role playing game with a storyline.  Students had to present their game and story line to the judges.
              6th Place – Marcus Bellew and Emerson Hill
Prepared Presentation
Students had one day to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the theme “The Future is Ours.”  They had to present their Powerpoint in front of a team of judges.
              2nd Place - Nathan Shelton
              6th Place – Will Bradley
Technology Problem Solving
               3rd Place – Will Bradley and Coy Trammell
               7th Place – Lucas Campbell and Luke Burford
               8th Place – Robin Dunn and Matthew Newman

Friday, April 26, 2019

TCS Celebrates Administrative Assistants Day

Throughout the schools in Trussville, administrative assistants were honored this past Wednesday with flowers, cards, lunch and gifts.  The district employs many employees who work in the role of administrative assistant.  These employees are highly skilled and are invaluable for the support they provide in educating, feeding, transporting, etc. the students of TCS each day. 

Central Office administrative assistants gathered for a luncheon in their honor at noon Wednesday.  We are thankful for their knowledge and skills and their loyalty to Trussville City Schools.